In addition to the print release included with your session fee, Flip Flop Photography also offers prints and print products for your images. I order all my prints through a professional, high quality photo lab. A professional lab provides much better quality products than a standard photo counter in a department store, and offers a wider array of print options.

Print prices are not included in the session fee. They are available for an additional cost.

Please note that I have only listed standard sizes of prints here. Multiple size options are available. If you do not see the size you are looking for, please don’t hesitate to ask!

Prints à la carte


Minis (set of 8) $2.50

Wallets (set of 4) $3

4×6 $2

5×7 $3

8×10 $5

11×14 $12

12×24 $28

16×20 $28

20×20 $30

20×30 $45

Print packages


Packages can be custom created depending on the sizes and quantities desired by the client.


4×8 Slim-Line Cards (Christmas/Holiday cards, Birth Announcements, Engagement Announcement/Save the Dates, etc.)

slim line cards

25-49 cards: 70 cents each

50-100 cards: 60 cents each


Gallery Wraps (Images printed on canvas and wrapped around frame)

gallery wraps

8×10 $70

11×14 $85

16×20 $105


Photo albums/books

You have a variety of options to choose from when ordering a professional quality album or book. Pricing varies depending on the size, page count, type of cover, type of paper, etc. Please schedule an album consultation today and we can pick out the perfect options for you!


Other print products available!